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Seasons in the Shawnee

I’m finally getting caught up on my processing. I was so far behind that I had to start with Summer 2009! Unlike this summer, which has been fairly dry, last summer brought some nice rain. Burden Falls roared to life after a big rain in July:

“Burden Falls Fanfare” – Burden Falls Wilderness

I love to get out and hike during fall. The cool, brisk air – lack of humidity – and, of course, fall color!

“Giant City Autumn” – Giant City State Park

Most people stay indoors during harsh, cold winter months. For those willing to bundle up and venture outside, unique and beautiful scenes await.

“’Round the Bend” – Stone Face Trail

Even those not in tune with nature can appreciate the splendor of the spring bloom. The forest floor is carpeted with wildflowers and the hills are painted with the soft pastel colors at the return of foliage. April is always one of the most photogenic months in southern Illinois.

“’Springtime at High Knob” – High Knob Campground

We are fortunate to live in a temperate zone with four complete seasons. Get outside and see for yourself the dramatic changes that take place in the forest throughout the year.