Epic Garden of the Gods Sunset

Garden of the Gods, which features some of the most unique and spectacular rock formations in the Midwest, is arguably the best scenic vista in southern Illinois to watch a sunset. Most of the site’s eponymously named hoodoos face westward, which causes them to glow with warm light as the sun sinks behind the rolling Shawnee foothills.

I drove to Garden of the Gods one evening in August when it had been storming all day hoping that the clouds would break at sunset. My wish was granted; as the sun disappeared the sky began to glow with color and mist formed over the hills.

“Garden of the Gods”

The light was changing incredibly fast so I scrambled to fire off as many shots as possible. The light and mist reached their peak about five minutes after the previous shot was taken.

“Camel’s Apocalypse”

Just a few seconds after this shot the fog was so dense I couldn’t see the camel! It was quite an experience and I was the only person there all evening. Inclement weather often presents us with conditions ripe for wild, dramatic photos, which is why I love seeing “scattered storms” in the forecast.


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